Mevo is a wholesome and integrated approach to live fit in every environment.Considering this we have ventured into the segment of fitness products which includes MevoFit Drive - Fitness Band, Sports Sipper, Waterproof Gym Bags & Fashionable Fitness Apparels.

Black Sipper

Rs. 699

Red Sipper

Rs. 799

Mevofit Drive Black

Rs. 2590

Mevofit Drive Red

Rs. 3490

Mevofit Duffle Gym Bag

Rs. 799

Mevofit Challenger Sack Bag

Rs. 699


Divoom Bluetooth Speakers: 9% love, 17% beauty, 13% fashion, 5% madness, 17% power, 8% goal in the last minute, 6% adrenaline, 25% heart and soul service – Add them all & that's your 100% Divoom.The very idea of Divoom was derived by a bunch of soulful minds with a mutual love for music and passion for fine audioTo achieve acoustic perfection, the brand religiously fine-tuned their speakers to suit the taste of every music enthusiast.

Voombox Travel Red

Rs. 3599


Rs. 4399

OnBeat 500

Rs. 8999

Voombox Outdoor

Rs. 3599

Bluetune Bean

Rs. 1899


Rs. 3899


Mevolife aims at developing apps which help user
to earn and not pay to get healthy.
The credits you earn in the app can be used to
cool fitness merchandise from
Mevolife Store including Fitness Bands, Sippers,
Bags & Apparels.